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Working to deliver a new source of lithium supply

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Tantalum and Niobium are essential metals needed to produce superalloys

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Niobium is an essential metal needed in the production of super conducting magnets used in MRI scanners

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Tantalum is a critical metal required to make electronic capacitors

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A West African focussed mining company dedicated to supplying non-conflict critical metals & minerals

Firering Strategic Minerals

Firering is developing an exploration and near-term production portfolio of Lithium and Columbite-Tantalites in the Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, with the goal of becoming a significant global and ethically sourced supplier. To hear our latest podcast with TMS click here

Our latest corporate presentation can be downloaded here

About Us

Firering Strategic Minerals plc is an AIM-quoted mining company focused on exploring and developing a portfolio of mines producing critical minerals in the Côte d'Ivoire focused on Lithium and Tantalum to support the global transition to net zero emissions.

Our metals

We are working to advance production of Lithium-Coltan-Tantalum-Niobium. The key driver behind demand for Lithium in recent years is the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, where Lithium is a critical metal used in the batteries that these vehicles use. Firering intends to become a new source of Lithium supply.

Process plant and product

Firering intends to commence pilot production in the Atex concession in locations where high grade Tantalum pitting results have been obtained. The equipment which Firering intends to acquire is a Multi Gravity Separator unit which has proven to be successful at a number of Coltan operations worldwide.